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With Kathleen Chalfant in Yale Rep's
As You Like It
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Rehearsing Brian's play Just Hit Me for The Fresh Fruit Festival,
L to R: Tracy Sallows, Melissa Attebery, Skipp Sudduth, David Drake and Sid Williams
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With Jared Leto in Chapter 27
Receiving the Best Short Screenplay Award at The New Hope Film Festival for Viva, Radilla, August 2014
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Minus Ted rides again! Brian and Skipp re-unite at The Path Cafe, August 11th, 2014.
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Clockwise from top: Jerry Orbach, Jesse Martin and Brian on the set of Law & Order; Hosting In The Know for The Onion; Playing out in Philo CA; Brian & Dan Florek enjoy a pretzel in SVU; With Andre De Shileds in CATO at the Flea Theatre.
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