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Van Morrison and the Beatles are two of his influences and you can certainly hear their pop sensibilities in this singer-songwriter's wonderful work. His smooth tenor, like a young Billy Joel, is great for his slice-of-life stories….
The stand out cut by far is "Rise - September 12th, 2001."…It starts with a mournful keyboard and faint sirens, like a requieum. It's joined by acoustic guitar and more with lyrics that talk of ashes, smoke and the din of angry voices. He doesn't leave you there, though, and brings up the energy with the hopeful mantra of "Rise, you will rise." Beautiful and inspiring. - Jamie Anderson,

Brian Hugh O’Neill brings a unique perspective to his lyrics and music.   The former front man and co-founder of acclaimed NYC based acoustic ensemble, “
Minus Ted” – O’Neill is no stranger to the World of Acoustic music….we thoroughly enjoyed this album especially the song titled, “It’s A Free World
Acoustic Roundtable

Brian Hugh O’Neill can’t get away from hard truths on Free World…a writerly specificity that resonates long after the songs are over…unyielding realism…there’s nothing more appropriate for these often dark times….The album-opening “It’s A Free World” blasts off with a cacophony of guitar, organ and drum before settling into a singer-songwriter strum as O’Neill makes a clarion call for believing in something, even in the face of dizzying odds.
– Nick DeRiso, Unsigned Treasures